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Eco-Social Design

A region in transition.

The region of Peenetal/ Loitz in Mecklenburg Vorpommern represents the point of origin for new dynamics towards a regenerative future. In cooperation with the citizens and companies, the actors of the Stärke:re:form Project are facing the challenge of accelerating social and ecological change in the rural region.

The project's still in progress.

Speculative Design

This speculative design project is about the human impact on earth.

In an imagined future, novel rocks – originating from human activity – will be mined.


Three material samples foster speculation about potential future substances: Are they “natural” or “artificial” materials?

Matter-Centered Design

This project accentuates the importance of appreciating the vitality and agency of matter.

The goal of the Cycle of Vitality is to collectively redefine and redesign humans' relationship to the nonhuman world. It is an attempt to learn to understand the nonliving’s way of communicating with us again.

Designing Tacit Knowledge

Wavelet is a product that interacts with us. It is a swimming aid to learn the crawl breathing technique. Without mentioning the technique explicitly, it navigates us in our movement and helps us internalizing it.

Eco-Social Design

The touring Heimatmuseum is a social room to reflect and discuss the topic of homeland and one‘s perspective of Heimat, intending to facilitate a transformation into a more sustainable, conscious perception of Heimat – our planet.

Material Exploration

In a circular economy, we are striving for creating sustainable and resilient value. Knowing that resources are endless, we should search for alternatives that can become part of a circular system. It means to rethink design and production techniques and it means establishing new aesthetics. For me, material innovations are a vital part of it.

Eco-Social Design

Take park and binfluence.
A project to revitalize the Capucchino Park in Bolzano, Italy.

Lighting Design 

Salt is a fascinating material. It's not just the fact that no one could imagine food without salt. Salt has also a positive effect on humans' health: It spreads ions in the air and reduces electrosmog at the same time.
Halite is a new interpretation of a salt lamp. 

Eco Design

The project Balance visualizes the interconnectedness of processes in the region of Bad Reichenhall.

The interplay between the individual actors, whether living or non-living, contributes to the greater picture. Two artifacts play with the synergy of the individual element in this system.

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