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Heimat. Home. Homeland.

Heimat is a social room.

Within the last decades, this topic became again enormously relevant. As the French sociologist Bruno Latour states, the „question of Heimat returns everywhere, […] because we all, no matter what country we come from, are experiencing a general crisis of losing ourselves and losing our land“ (Latour 2019).


Heimat is a multiple discussed term which evokes conflicts within societies. These discrepancies depend, for instance, on the constant misuse of the term and its related sensation by rightwing parties. At the same time, the enormous impact of climate change is influencing the Heimat of many.

Our mission is to shift the negative connotation of Heimat into something positive.





Heimat a social room

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The touring Heimatmuseum is a project in collaboration with the Heimatpflegeverband Südtirol. The core idea of the Heimatpflegeverband is to preserve and to protect the region of South Tyrol. Protection though does not (only) mean to force preservation of habits and traditions, it can be an orientation into future and sustainable action(s) as well.

The content is created by our partner, the visitors, and us. Seeing the visitors as collectors might help to identify themselves within this project, or rather within this broad context. The museum is giving the visitors a frame and a starting point for questioning their perspective of Heimat, the terminology Heimat and correlation with Heimat, the whole planet.


Easy to assemble and disassemble, it can be placed in many different contexts and regions.

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The touring Heimatmuseum is a social room to reflect and discuss the topic of homeland and one‘s perspective of Heimat, intending to facilitate a transformation into a more sustainable, conscious perception of Heimat – our planet.

The touring


Master in Eco-Social Design

Free University of Bolzano


Team: Lisa Eggert, Pauline Alt


Prof. Kris Krois, Prof. Nitzan Cohen

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