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Hey, we are Felix and Pauline. 

What's your name?

This is the beginning of a normal conversation with new people. We don't know anything about them, yet, their names are a good start. 

We made a vertical banner out of a piece of fabric with the question: "What is your name? We chose the temporary design and the handwritten letters to encourage people to scribble on it. Within a short time, we received a lot of reactions to which we responded with another banner to welcome them all.

Same principle, different question. 
With a reflective, humorous question, we wanted to motivate people to collect garbage in the park in a playful way. 
Expressing their opinion and at the same time cleaning up and turning the place into an inviting site again.


The bags filled up quickly due to the lively participation. 

Wind and weather took a lot out of the temporary frame after a few weeks, so we replaced it with a new, more robust stainless steel one. 
The Bingfluencer was born. The stable but still light frame allows it to be placed over any trash can, encouraging people to vote and collect trash in different places. 


Pictures and text by Felix Strohbach.



Take trash. Choose bin. Binfluence!


Voter participation is declining and every day we produce millions of tons of garbage. A simple question combines the two sad facts into something positive. In the Cappuchino Park in Bolzano people collect garbage to express their opinion. 


The Binfluencer

Master in Eco-Social Design

Free University of Bolzano


Team: Felix Strohbach, Pauline Alt


Prof. Kris Krois, Karl Pichler

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